Can I purchase without Paypal?

Yes! Think of Paypal as the cashier in my store. They are there to check you out and guarantee your purchase is secured. But you DO NOT have to log into Paypal or have a Paypal account to check out. You can simply enter your payment info as you would for any other online purchase.

Where can I watch you Paint?

CLICK HERE! I live stream my paintings on Periscope HERE on Fridays, where you can watch a blank canvas come to life. Enjoy interacting with myself and other art enthusiasts in the live chat. You can also watch the replay later. Be sure to follow me so you get notified when I go live.

Are Your Products Made in the USA?

Everything in my shop is proudly made, printed and shipped in the USA, no exceptions.

How do I use the Military Discount?

If you are Active Duty, Veteran, or Police/Fire/First Responder, I want to show my gratitude for your service by offering you a discount on your purchase. Just contact me for your discount code to apply at checkout.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes! Almost everything in my shop can be shipped worldwide. Shipping & exchange rates vary. Customs may impact estimated delivery time.

What is the difference between Limited Edition prints and Regular prints?

Limited Edition prints are a luxurious and timeless collector's item, second only to the original artwork itself. They are handmade locally by a professional private fine art printer using a specialized printing process called Giclee. Giclee printing is done in layers of color using archival inks. The end result is rich, detailed and accurate to the original piece. They are gallery/museum quality, and designed to last over 200 years without fading or yellowing. Only a small quantity are ever made, and typically I only do a single run (although there are rare occasions where I have done second edition prints). They typically sell out within a week or two. I sign and number them before sending them out directly to you in custom packaging. They are shipped with a personal note and signed photo of the original piece being painted. The process from the time you order to time of delivery takes between 2-4 weeks.

Regular prints are professionally made to order and shipped third party by a commercial print company. Since they are printed on demand, there is no limit to how many can be created or ordered. I do not personally handle these prints. They are gallery quality and expertly printed true to the original art. These beautiful prints typically ship within just 3-5 days.

I just bought merchandise from your shop. Will you sign it for me?

I'd love to! Original paintings and Limited Edition prints are already signed since I ship them directly. All other items are fulfilled third party. If you want me to sign your third party item just add "Artist Signature" to your order from the "Add-Ons" section of the shop. There is no signature fee, but additional shipping charges apply since it must be shipped to me first.

I don't see what I want in your shop. Can you make it for me?

Most likely, yes! If there is a certain type of product or a print size you want, please contact me and request it. You are buying from an individual artist not a large company, so just about everything I do can be completely customized. Just ask!

My purchase is a gift. Do you gift wrap? 

Yes! Just add your custom gift wrapping to your order from the "Add-On" section of the shop. You can tell me in the checkout notes what kind of wrapping you want, or let me choose. If you select custom gift wrap on third party items like mugs, the Artist's Signature is INCLUDED since the item is already being shipped to me. Gift wrapping fee will vary depending on size and materials.

Do you offer custom Framing?

Yes! The right frame makes a truly dramatic difference and elevates your display. I can frame your original art and prints within any budget and style, and ship them to you ready to hang. You can tell me what you want or I can help guide you on mats, finishes, materials and colors. I can even send you mockups of what your art will look like in different frames.

Do you do custom paintings?

I do a limited amount of commissions each year. I currently have limited opening for Winter 2020. If you are interested in having your very own custom artwork done just for you, please contact me here. I'd love to hear your vision and see if we can work some magic together.

What do I do if my order is lost or damaged?

It is extremely rare that this happens but if it ever does, don't fear. All of my pieces ship professionally packaged, guaranteed, and fully insured. Please contact me right away so I can get it resolved for you quickly.

Do you ever donate your paintings?

I'm so blessed and fortunate to be doing what I love for a living, and I'm very passionate about supporting causes I believe in, so I love to pay it forward when and how I can. You will frequently see pieces that support causes in my shop. They will clearly state what portion and what organization proceeds go to. I also donate art prints to foundations and fundraisers. While I do sometimes donate a portion of proceeds on original pieces, I do not typically donate original artwork. If you have a recommendation on a cause or fundraiser, please contact me!

I want to know who I'm supporting. Is everything in your shop yours?

Yes. Everything you see is an original copyrighted design by me. I am currently the only artist under my brand. I do not currently do private label or consignment in my shop. I also do not currently license my work, so the only place to get it is directly from me. Aside from myself and my family, you are also supporting the companies that fulfill my printed merchandise here in the USA.

Are there special care instructions for my art?

Yes. Originals are varnished to protect the color and longevity of the piece, but they are still delicate. Keep indoors in a temperature controlled environment, away from direct sunlight or moisture. If storing, shipping, or moving, please contact me directly for instructions on best practices. Prints should be treated with the same care. Poster Prints should be displayed behind glass in an appropriate supportive frame. Any framing you use should be made with appropriate acid-free archival materials. Merchandise like pillows and blankets have care instructions detailed in the specific listings of the shop.